Curse and Gift



Артикул: ART00012Z Категория:


Oil painting on Canvas

One of a kind artwork

Size: 80 x 100 x 1 cm (unframed) / 80 x 100 cm (actual image size)


I tried to depict a fragment of the legend-the transformation of jellyfish from an attractive girl with beautiful hair into a monster with snakes on the rocks. An angry Athena turned Medusa and her sisters into monsters after Poseidon took possession of Medusa in the temple of the goddess Medusa turned to her for justice, but the goddess and her sisters unleashed her anger. Their bodies covered brilliant and robust, as steel, scales. On their heads they have instead of hair was moving, hissing, poisonous snakes. Only one jellyfish was mortal, but had a wonderful gift to bewitch people’s eyes, and a direct view of the jellyfish turned all life into stone