Anubis and moon

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Oil painting on Canvas

One of a kind artwork

Size: 70 x 90 x 1 cm (unframed) / 70 x 90 cm (actual image size)


Anubis-a powerful deity of Ancient Egypt with the head of the Jackal and the human body, a guide from one world to another, he is revered as a Keeper of dreams and conductor of souls in a dream: he protects them so that no one harms them, he is revered as the God of transformation, change, transition; as the God of «border». Anubis is considered the Creator of funeral rites, the patron of necropolises, and is called the God of embalming. …. But when the moon is full in the sky, his nature takes up, and he wants to howl, just howl at the moon like a normal wolf or a Jackal..