«Sapphire» 100х60 cm Oil painting by Ольга Зелинская (Olga Zelinskaya) Once you see a sapphire, you can never forget it. The Royal stone beckons with its deep blue, luxurious luster, and beautiful history. Since ancient times, the most beautiful of the corundum represented the power of the rulers of this world, without losing the ability to win hearts over time. Solid, shining, unique. Sapphire is a type of corundum, a very hard mineral, second only to diamond. It attracted people with its color and unusual mystical properties in ancient times. I was inspired by the Indian myth of Amrita: Once a simple mortal dared to appeal to the God of creation Brahma with a plea to allow people to look at the Seventh heaven (in Hinduism – the upper world, the abode of the gods and the enlightened). Brahma condescended to the request of man, and splashed drops of Amrita-a drink that grants immortality-over the world of people. As soon as they hit the ground, the drops of the wonderful drink immediately turned into blue stones of extraordinary exquisite beauty. So sapphires appeared on earth-looking at them, everyone wanted to find enlightenment and get to the Seventh heaven.

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